The Daemon Document Management System (DMS) is an integrated document system along with the features of a Record Management System. The Document Management System helps in digitization of all paper and artefact based documents and records for archival and easy search and retrieval. Daemon DMS enables the user to maintain the whole document from beginning till end including record life cycle, creation, drafting, formalization of documents and management of records. The DMS helps your organization to reduce overall document-related costs by up to 38%. DMS can be customized as per the user’s Documentation processes .while maintaining proper integrity and protection of the content, with regular auditing. It can be maintained as a house document repository on a centralized server or on the cloud. It also provides privacy to the users, as it is based on the user permission, which allows only restricted users to access a particular document. Daemon DMS is built on the Open Source platform which offers lower cost, platform independent, faster development, and is proven and trusted.

Features of Daemon Document Management System

  • DMS be maintained on a centralized server or on a cloud as required.
  • DMS has a Centralized storage, which makes searching and retrieval of data easy and it manages the history of the documents for easy retrieval and access to the related artefacts.
  • Files can be shared among various users of the company, or employees.
  • It involves Dynamic creation of “Deal Room or Project Room” the Deal Room is a confined space where the entry is restricted to users.
  • The Documents shared in the Deal Room can be accessed only by the members who belong to that room or Project and can be administered.
  • DMS can be integrated to the mail server so documents can also be shared via email attachments.
  • DMS provides the users the facility to upload various documents belonging to different file formats with the control over file size.
  • The Document list can be downloaded in either Excel or PDF Format.
  • DMS has various filter and grouping features.
  • Workflows can be customized as per the requirements.
  • Configurable file filtration features allow tagging for quick and easy search and retrieval.
  • Security of some of the confidential and top level files can be maintained via encryption.


Cost effectiveness

  • Reduced or Eliminated Document storage Costs
  • Improved Cash Flow

Improved Security

  • Administratively controlled access to data
  • Disaster Recovery

Customer Satisfaction

  • Easier and fast access to customer related data
  • Effective customer services

Centralized Source PF Information

  • Flexible retrieval of information and Documents
  • Improved, fast and Flexible search For Information
  • Controlled and improved document distribution

Improved Workflow

  • Improved internal operations along with better communication facilities
  • Easy administration of Information and Data
  • Preserved intellectual Capital

Our Clients

Daemon has been part of the Digital India initiative as well as private digitization initiatives and some of our esteemed clients include:

  • State Development Authority
  • Highway Development Authority
  • Industrial Equipment Manufacturer