The Information Technology system has revolutionized the field of medicine to a greater level. In this fast-paced world of medicine, it is a challenging task to manage a multi-specialty hospital. The Daemon Hospital Management System (DHMS) is a web based system that facilitates managing the functioning of the whole Hospital day to day activities. The DHMS integrates all the information regarding patients, doctors, staff, hospital administrative details, pharmacy and inventory management etc. into one platform. Our DHMS is designed specially as an automated system which removes the chances of error completely and you avoid compliance. Our system increases efficiency, reduces cost, simplifies infrastructure and helps in multiple reporting.


  • Daemon Hospital Management system is advanced and customizable EMR solution.
  • Integrated Health intelligence that offer insights which boost decision support to improve quality of care, increase patient satisfaction, and operate more efficiently
  • Helps Hospitals to improve operational / financial performance and the quality of patient care
  • Over a period of 16 months, hospitals have recovered the investment of 10% towards the hardware and software purchase. After the full ROI they enjoyed 7.8% as profit gained every year from Daemon HMS’s efficient systems in place. As the infrastructure grows, the cascading effect of the software implementation will reap them more profits.
  • By going digital, hospitals have saved 11% expenditure worth stationary consumed for lab result printings. Stationary purchases reduced by 10%.
  • Implementation of Daemon’s HMS Interface has enabled the systems to have better control and monitoring over lab usage. With the new control mechanism, all re-tests and unbilled tests are traceable while capturing the direct output from the equipment.
  • New online prescriptions and token management system in Pharmacy department itself generated 9.33% additional revenue per month. Additional revenue per year is 15.99%.
  • Loss due to obsolete medicines reduced and revenue increased by 18%.
  • Pharmacy inventory reduced by 16% by monitoring prescription realization of each speciality and each doctor.
  • Through online prescriptions, Pharmacy staff can view prescriptions online and get the medicines ready before the patient reaches the counter. This has tremendously reduced the patient waiting in Pharmacy department.
  • Daemon’s HMS Doctor’s desk module helps in discharge summary preparation. It is just a compilation of data that has already been entered into the system which enable to provide summary faster and thus saving everyone’s time.


Daemon Hospital Management System offers Off-The-Shelf, a modular and flexible in terms of choosing the modules:

  • Patient Management
  • Clinical Support Management
  • Pharmacy and Inventory Management
  • Personnel & Payroll Management
  • Hospital Administration & Financial Accounting
  • Ancillary Management & Decision Support
  • And many more.


Functional Architecture