Today, IoT eco-space is crafting many new innovative business models and connected experiences through state-of-the-art consumer products.

IoT in terms of simple, secure remote access immediately adds value to your product and enables cost savings. Adding remote access to your product as a unique selling point, immediately adding value:

  • Turn on the house ventilation or heating system before arriving at home.
  • View surveillance camera feed when away from home.
  • Monitor how well solar panels are producing while at work.
  • Let support personnel diagnose problems from a central location without having to worry about users' firewalls.

Our solution provides real-time remote control of IoT devices directly from apps and stream data directly to and from IoT devices securely.

Daemon in partnership with Nabto, provides a full communication infrastructure to allow real-time direct, encrypted communication between end-user clients (tablets, smartphones, PC) and resource limited devices.

With our platform, you can give your users a full, high performance app experience when accessing your product - without having to struggle with firewalls, dynamic DNS and insecure HTTP port forwarding.


You can seamlessly connect to your device, and read or visualize the data inside it. The data helps you to understand the usage, operation and working environment of the device, letting you make better and faster business decisions. Based on this new knowledge, and the ability to link to the device, you can easily issue commands to alter the behaviour of the device and the operations it controls, making your environment safer and more comfortable.

Nabto Platform Advantages

  • Peer2peer connections has near zero cost
  • High security
  • Low latency
  • Faster time to market, and reduced risks

Business Benefits

  • Reduces expensive, long term and constant cost of server traffic.
  • Save cost on hardware. Demand for hardware resources and servers are decreased.
  • Faster time to market, and reduced support costs and risks, and firmware can be updated online.
  • Reduce cost on cloud service, support costs, help to end customer and installers performed online.
  • One device for all markets, language packs stored centrally and quickly localized for faster time to market


  • Healthcare
  • Home Automation
  • IP Surveillance
  • Smart Energy Controls
  • Access Control
  • Solar Inverters
  • Toys