• Create a UDB (Unified DataBase) Centralized system to Monitor & Track the  telecom network solutions such as Configuration Management, Fault Management, Performance Management and Trouble Ticketing System
  • Analyze the fault on Networks & Resolve quickly to avoid huge penalty paid to service providers and produce ND reports


  • DWH – EDW Layer for Real time Analysis using Greenplum Multi core MPP database technology
  • ETL Architecture to extract data from various locations at 3 hour lag using Informatica 8.6.1
  • Flexible Layers of Warehouse from EDW (For Real Time Reports) & RDS (For Complex Dashboards)
  • User-friendly reporting structures to create ad-hoc reports & Summary dashboards to Top level
  • Data management and consolidation through Data Warehouse to ensure single version of truth
  • Storage of data and reports in a centralized location for analysis at a later date for organization learning (with help of information life cycle management)


  • Cost reduction and increased productivity through improved cycle times, automation, standardization and leverage
  • Highly interactive reporting system allowed business to access critical reports in real-time without IT intervention