Breaking News: Daemon selected as the finalist in Benglathon, 2018 for its IOT based Lake Rejuvenation Platform

Daemon Solution cleans the water body continuously and monitors the water quality and was selected as one of the Finalists in the Bengalathon 2018 a West Bengal Government Idea pitch initiative for improving Tourism Sector with Technology Solutions based on Cleanliness Sustainability Index, infrastructure & environment held by WEBEL and PwC in Kolkata

Daemon along with its partner SymbioTech have developed innovative techniques for water body, lakes, canals and dump sites restoration through technological eco-Innovations which shows improvement of the water body in a matter of months and is sustainable with low Opex costs. Its an integrated green technology solution for the restoration water resources by installation of Floating Garden with Solar panels for aeration of water, Water reclamation, solar powered LED Lights at nights for aesthetic ambience and Real Time water quality IoT monitoring (Internet of Things) system that ensures the right information and alerts are send to the key decision makers & monitoring authorities that ensures a sustainable long term solution to protect and keep the water bodies clean.


  • Floating Garden or Floating Island system – Floating structure & fittings, Coir Geo Beds, Biomass growing medium, sustainable Plants, Beneficial Microbes, Biological Activators, Bio cords & Microbial hosting systems.
  • Solar Aeration System – Solar Panels, Charge controller, Battery Bank, Automaton for operation of pumps & lights with sensors, Aeration pumps, LED Lights and accessories.
  • Real Time Monitoring systems ( RTMS) – Sensors, Data Logger, Enzyme Flow controller, Hardware Software Integration, Data collection, Analytics, IoT systems , Data Transfer and recording and report generation , Real time Alerts & more.
  • Geo trash booms for fixing the floating garden / trash management and water hyacinth spread control

Expected Outcome: Substantial reduction in Total Dissolved and Suspended solids (TSS/TDS) reduction of Chemical Oxygen and Biological Oxygen Demand (COD / BOD) within 5-6 months after the installations and Operations and within Water quality Setting standards as per CPCB, State pollution control Board and alerts on any effluents inflow which is beyond the agreed limits based on IOT sensor monitoring system which can then be intervened on a regular basis Case StudyOne of the bigger projects a CSR project on Water body restoration initiated by Aditya Birla Trust -, a unit of Aditya Birla GRASIM (Test results below) .