• Provide Level 3 and Level 4 support for the EAI solution. The client’s business combined with the nature and complexity of the EAI solution, demands 24 X 7 support to enable smooth functioning
  • A  central EAI solution support team was formed to provide Level 3 and Level 4 support for the projects in production as well as in development and testing


  • Daemon proposed a support system based on the Global Service Model (GSM). Thus the support team would function from onshore and offshore offices — to provide 24×7, third level support. Onshore support began initially, and the offshore team was set up later. Onshore and offshore teams regularly reviewed tasks, thus knowledge transfer was efficient
  • Daemon formulated a Process to track the ticket to resolution/closure
  • Collected the performance metrics and did Root cause analysis of the tickets
  • Streamlined and automated the build and packaging process with an increase in the number of users at various stages of integration and additional tasks


  • All the issues discovered/reported by the users were recorded and tracked. The issues were either resolved depending on the criticality via patches or scheduled to be resolved in future releases
  • Improved turnaround time resulting in increased user satisfaction with the support
  • Detailed status-reporting to the client and the users
  • Automated build system for the product ensuring a consistent build mechanism