• To consolidate the view of a customer across the whole organization and provide single instance of each application while containing its own silo of information


  • Daemon proposed a step-by-step integration solution that integrates all the systems together using the webMethods (WM) ESB Platform
  • Centralized all the information into one data center, with one instance of each application.
  • Daemon provided Analysis, Design and Development of the interfaces using WM components (Integration server, Developer, Broker, Designer, Trading Networks and JDBC  Adapter)
  • Developed custom adapter services and Java services to interact with the resource tier
  • Supported the SIT, UAT by creating the test cases, gathering test data, tested and documented the Troubleshooting guide, and facilitating issue resolution and product warranty


  • Quicker response to customer issues and easier analysis of its customer base
  • Linked all the systems together using the WM ESB Platform which  provided reliable messaging between the applications. It reduced the growing number of ad hoc links, data inconsistencies and errors, and sped up processes such as customer provisioning
  • Improved the provisioning process and provided end-to-end visibility in real-time business processes with fault management, order handling, billing and configuration, and inventory management systems.