• Migrate and upgrade existing Billing and Revenue Management applications and integrate more than 100 integration points / processes and ensure seamless data flow into the BRM backbone
  • Realign and Configure wholesale, business and residential plans and manage all BRM operational production systems


  • Daemon worked with multiple vendors & customer teams and ensured a successful migration and integrated more than a 100 points and processes to ensure a seamless flow of data
  • Development and integration on multiple technologies including Kenan FX 2.0 Jakarta Struts, Oracle, PL/SQL, Java / JSP / SQL / Perl,  ASP.NET, ICSS and Clarify CRM
  • Daemon used a Global Distributed Delivery model with two parallel teams (migration and integration projects) working out of multiple locations, co-ordinating with project and change management teams to bring in delivery timeframes 


  • Daemon streamlined the complex requirements including multiple interfaces and simplified  the BRM operations process thus reducing TCO through improved cycle times, automation, standardization and leverage
  • One of the few upgrades  to go-live with Kenan FX 2 with minimum post cutover issues
  • Daemon earned tremendous appreciation for the efforts and the Client handed over entire configuration requirements and production support activities  to Daemon as a result