Daemon is a technology consulting and services provider with its headquarters in Singapore and a strong presence in the India, Asia Pacific, United States and Europe. Daemon has been serving clients in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, US, Finland, India, Thailand and the CALA region for the last 15 years. It has a SEZ India innovation center supporting its Global Distributed Delivery engagements.

Daemon has been serving customers the world over for the last 17 years and has worked with multiple clients. Daemon invests heavily in the research and development to continuously enhance the feature rich components and reduce total cost of ownership by improving the scalability, functionality, business process support and high volume performance while helping clients adopt the latest technologies, best practices and industry processes that drive the success of our clients.

Daemon has a Learning Management System called KLIP that is a game based learning platform to improve online learning. It has multiple implementations in both Government and Academic sectors. Daemon is also a partner for Sisense in the APAC region for its end to end Analytics product that can handle Big Data . Daemon also has some products such as Remit4sure(remittances solution), OSS/BSS (for telecom customers), applications in the IoT and Mobile Apps space such as a field service automation, smart homes and Electricity monitoring apps.

  • Daemon has an extensive experience in building web-based and mobile-based products using the latest technologies. Some of our core products include Remittance Mobile app, Global HCM, Telecom Billing Suite,Leraning Management System (LMS).
  • Daemon provides Business and IT consulting Services that includes Systems Integration, Application and Product Development, Managed Services and other Portfolio Planning, PMO and Quality Assurance services. We have built a strong expertise in enterprise and consumer mobile solutions, application development factory across all platforms, managed services, enterprise mobile solutions etc.
  • Daemon adopts cutting edge technologies that are sought after in the market - whether it is in terms of web-based apps or mobile-based apps, Daemon’s best in class use of technologies results in creating excellent products.
  • Our DNA lies in delivering agile, cost effective and robust solutions. We have developed products which are highly customizable, providing services with a high focus from the top management with flexible engagement and cloud based models.
  • Daemon provides services and solutions in different industry segments such as Telecom, Financial services, and E-commerce, Education, Healthcare, Transportation and Retail.

Daemon brings extensive experience in the CRM, Telecom Billing , Revenue Management domains and IN (intelligent networks) application/integration areas including managed services . Daemon also partners with some of the leading cloud transformation service providers to deliver Private and Public Cloud Infra Solutions. Daemon works with some of the global telecom leaders like TelstraClear, StarHub, Optus, Colt, Bharti, BSkyB, Maxis, Celcom, CableCom.