Customer Measurement metrics – An end to end Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence platform case study that could apply to many industries and domains

Daemon Software recently started an engagement with a media company that gathers Customer metrics on TV viewership with billions of data sets that need to be defined, parsed and analyzed, and helps media companies and advertisers understand the viewing behavior so as to strategize media and advertising spend. These challenges with big data are spread across domains and industries and wringing out efficiency in sales and Operations is paramount for any Business today. Daemon uses a platform called Sisense that is an end to end Analytics platform to quickly unearth complex patterns and information insights from the data resident in any companies legacy and CRM and ERP systems. This client faced challenges in the past to understand the data they gather due to Big data technology limitations. The Sisense platform had to connect to multiple data sources and handle millions of records on a daily basis, to understand customer data which is subsequently merged with third party data to understand complex measured values and provide the level of granularity needed to offer insights as described below.

  • Average time spent by the viewers on an event or program .
  • Number of Household of a target audience, who viewed an “Event”,
  • Average Audience rating & Comparison of data sets across different days/weeks.
  • Viewer loyalty and retention metrics based on repeat and shifted viewership

These metrics and data help the client answer questions like

  • 1. Why Viewership went up or down?
  • 2. Who is the viewer target to maintain the GRPs (Gross Rating points)?
  • 3. Whom to target with demographics segmentation insights?
  • 4. How to get new viewership and understand viewing shifts?

Sisense is a complete end-to-end single stack analytics and BI platform with built data connectors, drag and drip ETL and visualization functions that empowers business users, data engineers, developers, and analysts to get insights into billions of data sets and deliver highly interactive user experiences. Its in-Chip analytics tech provides one of the fastest analytical processing power among the current set of available analytics platforms. Sisense enables clients to quickly go to market (GTM) and rapidly convert data and use cases into information and insights, and engage with customers to create and change business services and offerings. Regardless of whether it’s complex dashboards, data insights , or partner enabled BI applications Sisense can be used by Business users with drag and drop capabilities to quickly analyze data and reduces the Total cost of ownership (TCO).

Sisense helps make decisions and challenge assumptions by equipping end-users with the tools they need, when and where they need them. Sisense enables everybody to drive change and uses AI and ML to observe trends and alert users based on KPI pattern changes. Sisense has a built in embedded analytics function enabling embedding and white labeling for your clients so one can easily send the information mined to any channel of communication like partner portals or mobile apps and the user can drill down into the information for further analysis.

Sisense can be up and running in a matter of days and can handle large volumes of data with great performance across different types of industries . Daemon provides companies an option to integrate multiple data sources and understand sales and Operation and customer segmentation outcomes and efficiencies along with compliance reporting without spending a lot of time and effort in such BI and reporting exercises AND ALL OF IT ON A SINGLE PLATFORM WITH VERY MINIMAL EFFORT. It can reduce the time for data preparation as well as applying models to the data because it has inbuilt functions to generate and visualize reports that can be embedded in end-user messages and handle large volumes of data with great performance.

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if you deal with any of these scenarios in your organization –

  • Do you have a lot of data sources and deal with complex data
  • Do you need to mash up and managed this data into a single cube for analysis
  • Do you have a big team preparing ad hoc reports constantly
  • Do you need to quickly get information for Go to market objectives
  • Do you have to send data or BI to partners and channels in near real time
  • Do you want to brand and offer your BI and advisory services to clients
  • Do you need to connect to edge devices for IOT.